El Salvador Beans: Santa Ana Region

Notes: Milk chocolate, mellow honeyed citrus, plum core
Roast: Light
Altitude: 1600 Meters
Variety: Bourbon
Process: Washed, Sun Dried

El Salvador covers a slightly smaller area than Massachusetts. Our carefully selected coffee comes from the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano part of a chain of over twenty volcanoes bordering the Pacific Ocean, all in proximity of each other.

Santa Ana has been the most prized coffee region of El Salvador, located in the far west of the southern range and marked by the gargantuan Santa Ana volcano, which coated the area with ash in 2005. El Salvador is graced with volcanic mineral-rich slopes, a rainy season laden with Pacific moisture, and a pronounced dry season as dehydrated air blows over from the mountains of Honduras bordering on the east, just the environment to produce great distinctive coffee. The harvest begins just as the dry season takes hold; perfect. Our Santa Ana coffee is grown at 5,000 feet, giving it the Strictly High Grown (SHG) designation - indicating the best quality grown at the highest altitude.

We selected this coffee for its full ripeness and beautiful preparation at origin; such quality produces a honeyed lively cup with no bitterness whatsoever. We roast it to enhance these characteristics. It is meant to be enjoyed either black without sugar, in which case you will savor growing sweetness and flavor as the coffee cools, - or with milk (and sugar) for an incomparably easy-drinking delight.